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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the update--and thank you for continuing to follow up on my behalf.
I really appreciate it!


Thanks Dan,

I will let you know if I need a champion.  It’s really been a pleasure working with you.

Regards, J. Bonds

Thank you,

Thank you, Dan, for your help in sending Proof of Property Insurance to my Mortgage Bank.
Also, for finding the better rate for our Complex's Flood Insurance.
I appreciate it.

Alberta B.

Dear Dan Davis,

This letter is to express our gratitude for your superior level of service. You were a great help in handling the new insurance policies for Walnut Place HOA. Your fast response and follow through was impressive and very much appreciated. We look forward to working with you on new accounts in the future.

Zibia Q. Arciniega,

N.A. Shade & Associates, LLC At the Instruction of the Board of Directors


Lightning fast!
Thank you.

Valli Horwitz
President – Property Services Mgt

Dear Dan

Dear Dan:Thank you very much for your prompt action.  I came back from San Francisco and already received your Email in my Box.
I am particularly impressed that you have already faxed the Master Policy to my Lender - I hope they were satisfied with the Proof.  I will call them tomorrow to confirm it.
You are very detailed, prompt and kind.  I wish all service business has the same equality of yours.  Then, we will have a better and stronger America!
Thank you very much.

John Liu
Attorney At Law
Admitted in California and Taiwan , China

You are a very responsive agent,

You are a very responsive agent, so it is easy to recommend you.

Mark Shade, Owner
N.A. Shade & Associates, LLC


Thank you for the assistance you have provided throughout the past year.
I certainly appreciate your timely, detailed responses. It is apparent that you are knowledgeable about home owner association coverages as well as our own insurance needs.
Thank you for your willingness to assist both owners and board members.

President, Monaco HOA


Our HOA evaluates its insurance

We requested proposals from brokers listed in the ECHO magazine and from our agent of over 20 years.  Dan Davis attended a work/study session of our members and he proved to be a superior broker in terms of favorable pricing, insightful advice and responsive service.  His professional experience with HOAs proved to be invaluable.

Neilson Buchanan
President – Leicester Square HOA
Palo Alto, CA

Thank you for the help,

Thank you for the help, Dan.  You always come through for us.

Patricia E. Forrest CPM, RPA,
Jones and Forrest, Inc.


Thank you for your fast response and information. I appreciate it.


Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

T. Wang


Excellent!  Thanks.

Janis Schock, CCAM
Certified Community Association Manager

Common Interest Management Services

Hi Murphy Villa Management,

I am an owner of a unit in the Murphy Villa community in San Jose. I just want to let you know of a recent experience I had with obtaining insurance information with the current insurance provider of the community.

I am very pleasantly surprised by the pro-active responses I got from them. I really do appreciate the choice of insurance for the Murphy Villas community where I am part of.  The services I am getting really has saved me and us homeowner a whole bunch of time;and time is money.  No hassle; great advices I got; very responsive.  They are very willing to work with my loan agent on a recent loan refinancing that I am doing.

Regards,M-H Leev


Thanks, Dan.
Your responsiveness is the reason that you are our designated rep. (Sorry, not your pretty face).

Nev, President Crossgates Swim Club

Hello Dan,

Thank you very much for getting this back to us so quickly.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the prompt service. I was sent the PDF I need.
Thanks much,


Thank you Dan

Thank you Dan - As usual, a stellar job.
And that folks is why Dan Davis is our insurance man!

Mark Dolmatch
President – East 17 HOA


I choose to stay with you because of the personal touch. Dealing with someone that you never meet because they are too far away is not worth the hassle. I trust you so I stay with you.

Dewayne Cantu
Community Manager
Jones and Forrest, Inc.


Dan, you’re the best. You go above and beyond. JR

JR Orlando
Orlando HOA Bookkeeping

Milpitas, CA 95035


Thank you so much, we truly appreciate your “speedy response”
Have a great day!

Therese Nolan
AVP, Avid Bank


Thanks for all your cooperation and information!
The way you do business makes it easier for everyone.


You're Great!

You have given me FABULOUS customer service
and I thank you.

Marisol Renteria Assistant Community Manager
M & C Association Management Services,

Thanks! Appreciated your prompt help!

Liz Zhang

Thanks Dan!!!

Alaina Carr,
AVP-Sales Manager, Bank of the West

Thank you Dan.

Thank you Dan. You are always so quick to respond.
Have a great weekend!

Kind Regards,
Zibia Q. Villarreal