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Fidelity Bonds

Crime Insurance for Homeowner Associations aka Fidelity Bond for Homeowners Associations aka Employee Theft
Crime Insurance for Homeowner Associations is also known as a Fidelity Bond for Homeowners Associations. Crime insurance will reimburse the association for loss of their funds due to a number of Perils such as Employee Theft, Forgery, Computer Fraud, Funds Transfer Fraud or Loss of Funds while in Transit.


The minimum amount of Fidelity Bond coverage should be sufficient to insure your association’s Total Reserve Funds, Total Operating Funds plus at least three (3) months Dues. Improper coverage can cause some loans to be denied so having the right agent keep your coverage up-to-date will prevent a major headache (and help avoid those pesky law suits).


Board Members are typically covered as unpaid, volunteer “Employees” of the HOA.  Always include your Community Manager as an Additional Insured so you are in compliance with your management agreement. TIP – Don’t rely on your bookkeeper or community manager’s Fidelity Bond. Their policy may inadvertently go out of force and you would have no protection.