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Directors & Officers

Directors & Officers Insurance for Homeowners Associations
Directors and Officers Insurance for homeowner associations (D&O Insurance) can pay for legal defense costs as well as judgments or negotiated settlements after the Homeowners Association Directors and Officers have been sued for alleged wrongful acts. All it takes is one unhappy homeowner in a small or large association to retain legal counsel and sue the Directors.  Without appropriate coverage, the association will pay their legal defense costs and pay the judgment out of pocket.


Many law suits are based on alleged action or inaction of the Directors and Officers. The range of allegations for suits against the Directors is endless so purchasing the cheapest Directors and Officers insurance policy without regard to coverage can be financially devastating if the cheap policy excludes coverage that is the basis of the law suit. Directors and Officers policies can include coverage for the Community Manager in the event the Board of Directors and Community Manager are both named in a law suit.