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Board Members

Are You a Homeowner Association Board Member?

If so… then you qualify.  Take Advantage of Three Options:


1. Schedule a Convenient Board Member Study Session.

A new HOA client (board members) in Palo Alto, CA was so impressed with what they learned in just one evening together… they though I should have charged a big fee for my time, but that’s not how I do business.  I truly enjoy sharing my wealth of knowledge about how HOA insurance works with board members and love to answer your questions.  After all, the more you know, the better choices you can make. We welcome meetings with all sizes of HOA’s and work with a full range of clients: from 5 units to 862 units… and everything in between. Evening or Saturday morning appointments are available.

Call Dan at 1-877-600-3199.  What time works best for you?


2. Get a Second Opinion Evaluation.

Have you been rolling over the same HOA policy for years?  If so… do you… have enough Ordinance and Law Coverage? Does your Directors and Officers policy exclude perils that are the basis of frequent law suits? Will your Crime coverage pass your lender’s audit? Are you exposed because your insurance is out of compliance with the Davis-Stirling Act? Some board members have discovered that while their good-guy existing agent may sell a lot of auto insurance, unfortunately the agent doesn’t know about and can’t answer these types of technical HOA insurance questions.  Be smart. Protect yourself and protect your HOA. Get a second opinion from an HOA Insurance Specialist!


3. Get a Quote.

Incredibly, some agents only sell one brand of insurance. If their company excludes certain coverage critical to HOA’s… do they have any incentive to tell you? Do they have any incentive to disclose that a different company has a better price?  At the Davis Agency we insure dozens of HOA’s. And as independent agents we can shop your account with dozens of insurance companies. Our new clients have been thankful and amazed at the improved coverage or thousands of dollars we saved them.

Don’t you deserve the best coverage at the best price?


What can we do for you today?

Please call Dan now:  1-877-600-3199  or email


Congratulations! You stepped up to volunteer your time and hard work to improve your community. Your reward is improving the quality of life for yourself and your neighbors. However, your Homeowner Association Board Membership comes with some risk. Not everyone will agree with your decisions. An unhappy homeowner or even a neighbor living close to your association can sue the Directors and Officers (Homeowners Association Board Members). And when the suit comes, don’t you want the best insurance with the broadest coverage to defend you?


Are you being fooled by slick advertising?  Do you think Directors and Officers Policies are commodities? That all policy language is the same? Think again! Some companies expand coverage. Others excluded critical coverage. A few insurance companies are well known because they spend millions advertising auto insurance,  but in our opinion, may actually offer weak, “watered-down” HOA Directors and Officers policy language containing Exclusions that can leave you exposed. We’ll help explain the difference.


Call us to discuss your options. As an independent agency with access to multiple Directors and Officers insurance policies, we’ll point out the “hooks”, present options and deliver helpful advice. When the Homeowners Association Board Members get sued, having the right coverage, brought to you by the right agent, can make all the difference!